This book started as a bedtime story that the author told his daughter when he learned that she would need to wear glasses. Through stories of pirates, undersea creatures, and mischievous monkeys, Amelia came to see her glasses not as a tiresome annoyance, but as a special treasure with magical powers. After that, she never refused to wear her glasses. The book is a positive story that focuses on how glasses can help a child to do and achieve more.

The book is dedicated to Dr. Sharon Spooner, a wonderful doctor, a warm heart, and a wise mind. Dr. Spooner encouraged and delighted Amelia since she first started wearing glasses.

All profits from this book are donated to New Eyes for the Needy, an 85 year old organization that purchases new prescription eyeglasses through a voucher program for adults in the United States who cannot afford their own. New Eyes also accepts, recycles, and distributes, donated glasses for poor people overseas.

Amelia And the Magic Glasses. Pirates in the sky by Giampiero Ambrosi